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Nordic activities – Samoëns


Nordic activities – Samoëns

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Nordic activities – Samoëns

Snowshoe walks in the giffre valley

Mathias our guide and wildlife expert will take you off the beaten track to discover the mountain wilderness.

In snowshoes. The silence, punctuated by the squealing of the snow under footsteps, the sun that warms the face … Put the adrenaline aside and put on your snowshoes, for a nice relaxing walk alone, as a couple or family. No need to take classes or a lot of technique, the equipment is inexpensive and can be bought or rented easily in town. If by definition you can walk everywhere on snowshoes, the Haut-Giffre valley offers 100 km of trails on 15 marked and secured routes, so why not?

A great opportunilty to discover the fauna and flora.

Specialised equipment will allow you to take pictures guided my Mathias.

You’ll require good walking shoes.

The transport and materiel (snow shoes and poles) are included.

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Cross country skiing samoëns


Try cross-country skiing, a traditional winter sport discipline. Following tracks through the forest and open spaces is an ideal way to keep fit and taking in the fresh mountain air, discovering stunning landscapes.

You can learn or progress with our instructors with their up to date and adapted teaching methods whether you are a beginner or wish to improve.


A style that’s move adapted to beginners, with the 2 skis in the tracks, similar to walking and less physical.  Easier than skating a style that comes naturally taking you around shorter runs.


A style that’s faster and more energetic, similar to ice- skating and roller blades. Your instructor will take you around longer runs.

Whichever  style you wish to choose please contact us for additional information.

The location and availability will depend on the snow cover and weather conditions.

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You can get a ticket from the Cross Country office or directly from the Tourist office.

Telemark samoëns


This is the oldest style of modern skiing, with your boot attached just at the front.

BEGINNERS This discipline challenges your balance in a completely different way to alpine skiing. On the slopes or through soft powder it’s an unforgettable sensation of elegance.

INTERMEDIATE (TURNING PARAlLEL) is required, don’t worry our instructors will do the rest!

Please get in touch for aditional information regarding the levels and the material required.


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