Your ski holiday is booked and you are looking forward to your times on the slopes!

Here are some useful tips to make your stay and that of your children a success. All these extra details will guarantee you a certain freedom of mind and everyone will enjoy the stay to the maximum.
Ckecklist & Top Tips Ski Samoëns – Les Gets – Avoriaz


There are several factors to consider when renting your equipment:

  • Book equipment that is appropriate for your level and size. Be sure to explain your level to the Ski Shop, who will be able to advise the most adapted materiel.
  • Poles from Argent level for children and all levels for adults.
  • Your rental equipment. Depending on the location of your accommodation and rental shop, you can choose to leave your equipment in either a locker or at one of the rental shops so that you have dry ski boots every day.
  • If you or your children have your own equipment, have it checked by a professional BEFORE the first day of skiing
  • If your feet hurt, don’t wait! Go and change your boots as soon as possible.
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory for children and snowboarders and strongly recommended for adults.


       Ski Gear

The mountain environment requires equipment adapted to the activity, the place and the participants:

  • Socks, an essential point! Not too thick and pulled up to below the knees. Avoid creases and always wear dry socks!
  • Choose the right optics. Depending on the weather conditions, either sunglasses (for low levels) or goggles (advisable if not too hot weather). Check the comfort and compatibility with the helmet.
  • A light neck warmer or a balaclava that protects the face well in case of wind, to slip under the helmet for more efficiency.
  • Gloves or mittens appropriate for size and conditions. Make sure they are always dry inside.
  • Dress yourself and your children according to the weather. Forecast Infos HERE
  • Pockets, real hidden treasures! Think about tissues, sunscreen, a snack and a few euros. This is important for all levels!


    Organisation and important details

  •  Ensure that you check the time, date and place of the lessons. You can register at the office with  your reservation number. Payment of the balance for all bookings is BEFORE the start of the cfirst lesson. Here is all the information about the departures of the lessons in Samoens, Les Gets, Avoriaz
  • Please make sure that everyone has the correct lift pass for their level, area and age as well as the insurance that goes with it (Rescue coverage, transportation costs,…). We recommend that you purchase the insurance along with the lift passes.
  • Please inform the office or the instructor of any relevant information about the participants (stress, allergy, handicap,…)
  • Write down your contact information (last name, first name, phone number, place of residence…) that you and your children keep in your pocket. Very useful during and outside of classes. A helmet sticker for all children should be collected from the office when you arrive in resort.
  • Provide a WORKING phone number and make sure that you have yoru telephone ON during your classes and your children’s classes.
  • Be sure to plan ahead at the start and end of lessons. It may be a little crowded at the bottom of the gondolas (example Samoens), or on other lifts or shuttles. Plan ahead, especially with children. Our instructors try to come back 10 minutes early at the end of each lesson. Be sure to anticipate your return to be on time and to be able to chat with the instructor if necessary. Please be aware of the weather conditions and the closure of certain links in the ski area. (There is a map of the slopes). Late arrivals and departures are very restrictive to our organisation and to the progress of your children and others.
  • The instructors can rearrange the groups at the beginning or during the week in order to make each participant progress as much as possible. Trust them, thet are the proffesionals,  if you or your children need to change groups.
  • Our priority remains fun and pleasure. These are certain factors to be able to progress. Do not overestimate your children and yourself. Levels and medals are technical benchmarks and should not be a source of stress or a goal in itself. Some levels may take several weeks to master technically, for safety reasons. It is always more encouraging to move up than down.
  • Remember to bring your ESI passports
  • The balance have to be sold out BEFORE the first lesson.
  • A short break in the bathroom before class is more comfortable for everyone!
  • Useful numbers to save in your phon (Ski school office, Ski patrollers, taxi company,..)