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Childrens Ski lessons Morzine


Childrens Ski lessons Morzine

MINI mouse

The private mini-mouse lessons are intended for the very young (under 4 years old) who wish to take their first steps in skiing.

As these lessons are for young children, we recommend short one-hour sessions, adapted to their physical abilities and attention span.

The main objective is to help them discover their first sensations of skiing in a playful way and perhaps discover a future champion !  

Maximum 2 children per instructor

  • Prices start from
    60.00€ / hr

private lessons

Our private lessons in Morzine are adapted for children from 4 years old. Whether you wish your children to learn, progress or work on specific needs. The teaching is personalised and in total adequacy with your requests and expectations.

It is possible to group several children together in the same lesson, if they are of a similar age and level.

Depending on our availability, we offer several possible slots during the day and we remain as flexible as possible to satisfy your requirements.

Prices depend on how many participants and the duration of the lesson.

You can choose the duration of the lesson (2h – 8h)

  • Prices start from
    60.00€ / hr