Opening season :

International Ski School XXXX is open from XXX to XXX
Holidays : XXXX
It is strongly recommended that you book your lessons in advance.

Participation :

Your participation requires a reasonable health (please contact us if you have any questions) and appropriate winter sports equipment. Instructions given by the instructor must the respected at all times.

Management :

Our ski instructors are certified professionals in their specialities. (qualified ski instructors or trainee ski instructors). Any participation is subject to their evaluation of clients’ emotional and physical states.

Safety :

Any on-snow programme is subject to the ski instructor’s judgment of the weather and snow conditions, and the ability of the participants. Ski instructors have a radio link with the ski patrol and ESI office.

Weather conditions :

In case of bad weather no refund or postponement will be offered if the activity has been confirmed to take place by the ESI Ski School.

Insurance :

Insurance is not included in our prices. It is essential to purchase an insurance such as the « Carré Neige » with your ski pass at the ski pass office and to inform yourself about what it covers. Insurance has to cover lesson cancellation, repatriation, medical assistance and injury.

Booking, Registration and Rules :

Lessons must be booked directly at our office or via our online booking system before your stay. The booking will be accepted after the agreement of the ESI and your payment. At your registration, you recognize being informed of, and accepting, our terms of sale.

Lesson cancellation :

  • No refund will be provided or postponement offered for any lesson in the event of a cancellation by the client except in the event of an emergency, proof of which must be supplied not less than 48 hours before the lessons commence.
  • No refund, rearrangement or interchange will be provided due to an insufficient physical or technical level.
  • No refund will be provided in the event of stoppage of ski lessons beyond our control (such as of lift closure, bad weather, …)
  • No refund will be provided if our ski instructors modify, with or without warning, any programme due to unsafe conditions.
  • Lesson times can be modified according to the lift operating times.

Exclusions :

Insurance, ski equipment and ski pass are not included in our rates.

Pictures and videos :

On our websites we use pictures and videos taken during our lessons. Please inform us before in writing if you do not agree, failing that your consent will be implied.

Accident :

In the event of an accident caused by a third party, neither the ski instructor nor the ESI have any obligation to know or determine the identity of the third party. In the case of any conflict arising between the 3rd party and the client neither the ski instructor nor the ESI accept responsibility to seek a resolution.






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